Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Dairy...And No Cheese...It's Not What You Think!

So as many of you know, my loving doctor informed me almost three months ago that I could no longer have dairy. In fact, her words were, "you can longer have cheese, tomatoes, and peppers." To which I replied, "I literally eat cheese, tomatoes, and peppers...EVERYDAY!" Back to my current story. I have not had any dairy for nearly three months now. I've switched from half and half to soy creamer...which now I actually prefer. I've switched my whole milk for almond milk...which is also very good. For the past month and a half...I've also been meat free...vegetarian! Believe it or not, I really don't miss the meat, or most of the dairy...what I miss most is the CHEESE! I LOVE CHEESE. The picture is one of my all-time favorite, Asiago Fresco. I was at the store tonight and I bought some olives. They were right next to the cheese. My mouth started watering...and then I came to a yoga realization. Thus the connection to my yoga journey!

I'm thinking about asking for my money back because I really don't think the students are really all "fully present." Even though I'm not a fully trained yoga instructor yet...I know when a class is present and when they are not!

This pose is called Ananda Balasana, aka: Happy Baby. I can not fully express this pose because I have tightness in my hip flexors and my lower back won't soften to the floor. Thus, I'm not a good barometer for being "fully present." When students are "fully present" in this pose, (here comes the dairy connection) they more often than not...cut the cheese! Yep, that's right, fart, toot, pass gas, float...whatever you call it...IT HAPPENS IN HAPPY BABY! Except in my Yoga Teacher Training class right now. Come on...we've been here for two and a half weeks. Let it go! It's totally natural and it's kind of like burping after a good meal. It is MAD PROPS to the instructor. Show some love. I'm kind of sad! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the class in some kind of solidarity has decided since I can't have cheese, they won't cut the cheese. If that's the case...then this is the best class EVER!

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