Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be The Observer Of Your Mind

When I finally picked a place to land and earn my 200 YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), I picked a place that had a good balance of asana practice (poses), anatomy, history, theory, meditation...and light on the chanting. There were several place some of my yoga friends suggested that were heavy on chanting and meditation...I wanted to avoid those places.

So far on my yoga journey, I've been more concerned with building strength and quieting the mind. (I have since learned that these are Koshas.) Of course having a stronger grasp of anatomy and some history/theory will make me a better yoga instructor...but come on! Really? Chanting and 30-minutes of meditation? Can't I slow my mind's activity with asana practice and the beloved Savasana?

When I arrived at Frog Lotus Yoga...I wanted to spend as much time as possible on the mat...working and as little time meditating and chanting. Until...I learned how to meditate. In the beginning, I had massive amounts of random thoughts coming and going...of which I remembered about half of them even after 2 hours of asana practice. My yoga instructor has been telling me to be an observer of my mind. Let the thoughts come and go, and still remain present as an observer.

Well today...I actually was able to be an observer of my mind. The past several days I have had very few thoughts during meditation; not sure if this is good or bad...or just is! Today, I had many intense thoughts. Thoughts and tasks of things I have to accomplish. MAJOR THINGS! So important at the time I really thought about stopping my meditation and writing them down. Instead, I resisted the urge, brought myself back with a mantra and focused on my breath. (prana...the life force of energy) Funny thing is...after my 2 hour asana practice...and even now hours later...I can't remember a thing that was so important in the early hours and early minutes of my meditation.

So...if you ever feel like trying on Mediation, remember to be an observer of your mind...don't be in your mind. Let thoughts come and go. Honor them, but let them go. Chances are, they are just random thoughts.

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