Monday, August 15, 2011

Find The Energy of the Pose

So for the past two weeks here at Frog Lotus Yoga, the instructor, Jennier Yarro has been telling me to "find the energy of the pose." Well today...I FOUND IT! I've been doing a lot of work with my core strength and going even deeper, with my bandhas. Specifically, my uddiyana bandha! This has been very beneficial to two of the poses I'm working on here: forearm balance, and handstand. Two poses I've NEVER DONE BEFORE. Today in class I wanted to see if I could engage my core and uddiyana bandha to flow from down dog into crane/crow. To achieve this you...well for lack of better words...need to "Find the Energy of the Pose."

I was warm, I was engaged...not I was UBER engaged. My fingers like octopus tentacles sucking into my mat. I turned my gaze between my hands, energized my bandha and lifted my feet and hips up to the sky, gently landing my knees high up on my triceps. Still engaged...and totally in the "energy" of the pose, my feet begin to once again lift. This was followed by my knees and hip. In a moment of sure child-like bliss I heard Jennifer say, "very nice Chris!" I was in handstand. For the record. I did not tell myself to do this. It just happened.

I'm pretty sure...that is "Finding the Energy of the Pose." I didn't have a camera on me...and I can't find a video of this, but here are two different videos. One from downdog to crane...the other crane to handstand. After watching these two videos you will realize what happened today on my mat. (FYI...after I came down with grace. I had to leave my mat and giggle.)

DOWNDOG TO CRANE VIDEO...CLICK (He goes to headstand...then kicks back to chaturanga dandasana)


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